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DIY: Sandals with old CD’s

cd sandals

Summer is almost over but a nice pair of sandals with old CD’s is always welcome. This summer I had a lot of

projects in my mind to do with the CD, but first, I decided to start to change the design of this pair of sandals with

the help of old CD’s, to give them a different look. I start with this pair of sandals from H&M, that I bought on the

sales and I loved it because this pair have a simple design and you can make a lot of beautiful DIY projects with

them. To make the CD pieces look like glass, I used a technique I saw at the site Design Sponge and so I decided I

liked running and used for my sandals.

Materials required:

Silver CD’s (best Cd, if you want to look like glass)

A scissors (I used a special scissors for Electricity)

A simple pair of sandals

E6000 adhesive


The process is very simple, cut the CD’s into small square pieces

(you can give them any shape you want, like a circle or hexagon)

put them in the oven at 200 degrees, let them 7 to 8 min.

so that the plastic deforms a little bit and after we let them cool, we paste the pieces of CD’s

with the adhesive E6000 on the sandals, piece by piece, to give sandals the desired layout .

diy cd

For the oven, try using parchment paper, if you do not want the CD pieces stick on the baking sheet.

cd oven


Materiale necesare: CD argintii (cele mai bune dacă doriți să arate ca sticla), foarfeca,

o pereche simplă de sandale, adeziv E6000.

Procesul este foarte simplu, se taie CD-urile în bucăți mici pătrate, se pun în cuptor la 200 de grade,

se lasa 7-8 min. astfel încât plasticul sa se deformeaze un pic și după ce se racesc, se lipesc pe sandale bucățile de

CD-uri cu adeziv E6000, bucată cu bucată, pana ce obtinem designul dorit. 

diy: sandals with old cd's


diy: sandals from old cd's




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