DIY: Sandals with old CD’s

cd sandals

cd sandals

Summer is almost over but a nice pair of sandals with old CD’s is always welcome. This summer I had a lot of

projects in my mind to do with the CD, but first, I decided to start to change the design of this pair of sandals with

the help of old CD’s, to give them a different look. I start with this pair of sandals from H&M, that I bought on the

sales and I loved it because this pair have a simple design and you can make a lot of beautiful DIY projects with

them. To make the CD pieces look like glass, I used a technique I saw at the site Design Sponge and so I decided I

liked running and used for my sandals.

Materials required:

Silver CD’s (best Cd, if you want to look like glass)

A scissors (I used a special scissors for Electricity)

A simple pair of sandals

E6000 adhesive


The process is very simple, cut the CD’s into small square pieces

(you can give them any shape you want, like a circle or hexagon)

put them in the oven at 200 degrees, let them 7 to 8 min.

so that the plastic deforms a little bit and after we let them cool, we paste the pieces of CD’s

with the adhesive E6000 on the sandals, piece by piece, to give sandals the desired layout .

diy cd

For the oven, try using parchment paper, if you do not want the CD pieces stick on the baking sheet.

cd oven


Materiale necesare: CD argintii (cele mai bune dacă doriți să arate ca sticla), foarfeca,

o pereche simplă de sandale, adeziv E6000.

Procesul este foarte simplu, se taie CD-urile în bucăți mici pătrate, se pun în cuptor la 200 de grade,

se lasa 7-8 min. astfel încât plasticul sa se deformeaze un pic și după ce se racesc, se lipesc pe sandale bucățile de

CD-uri cu adeziv E6000, bucată cu bucată, pana ce obtinem designul dorit. 

diy: sandals with old cd's


diy: sandals from old cd's




Summer vibes: off the shoulders top


 Like all the girls, this summer I’m into the off the shoulders tops.

I bought the top from Orsay, is the first one in this style for me,

but I love this print with all this small flowers, that looks like a flower field.

For sure the next step it will be to create a “off the shoulders” top,

but I didn’t find the right fabric until now.








Wall art

I found this wall on my trip to Tenerife and I couldn’t resist to take a picture because the artist was very good and make it a good job here, and I wanted this wall picture to remain in my memories of Tenerife.



Military dress & neon green

Military Dress Green
military-dress-green-7 military-dress-green-6 military-dress-green-5 military-dress-green-4 military-dress-green-3 military-dress-green-2 military-dress-green-10 military-dress-green-9
I bought this dress from Cropp and if I tell you the price for sure we will never believe it. Only 5 euro!!! Nothing else!
Of course, I bought it, I brought it home, I tried several combinations of t-shirts, and… here is the result!
I think it came out an interesting dress!
What do you think??
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My summer swimsuit!


Hi girls, every year I have the same problem, choose the perfect swimsuit to wear at the beach:
the color, the shape, 2 pieces or just one?
This year I went for yellow (the first time I choose this color for a swimwear) and the coral color because I think both colors will goes very well with a tan skin.




Now, I just have to wait for many, many sunny days!

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The right word “Love”

diy dress, h&m dress, diy

Hi girls, this is the outfit with my “Love” DIY dress that

I show you in the yesterday post.

I decided to wear it as a blouse not as a dress, with a pair of coral pants from H&M, 

and a pair of ankle boots from Clarks.


diy love

diy dress, h&m dress, diy


Studs, more studs please



Hi girls, this fall, the fashion is marked by staples and studs.

Any quantity you want and on all accessories and clothes!

It doesn’t matter!

Just use your imagination and you will get the perfect outfit. I used my imagination too, when I mixed my

studs&fringe vest (from a old collection), with a traditional blouse and beautiful studded shoes from hermosa.

I think that I get a great outfit! What do you think!