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Summer vibes

Apr 06, 16 Summer vibes

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DIY Halloween Food: Appetizers as pumpkins

Oct 19, 15 DIY Halloween Food: Appetizers as pumpkins

Posted by in Table art

I think Halloween is more an American party but has been adopted by all countries to have one more reason to spend some times with family and friends. And it’s not bad at all, but when it comes to prepare the party realize that we have many ideas, but very little time to prepare the table and at the same time to give it a festive air for Halloween. For this reason, I came up with a simple and easy idea that you can use to prepare all your appetizers: the pumpkin stamp! Here, my sister, from the blog sisterspetreideas used slices of cheese, but you can use this stamp in many ways. Happy Halloween!                              Kity...

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DIY: Halloween peppers

Oct 15, 15 DIY: Halloween peppers

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Happy Halloween                         Kity...

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DIY decorations: Halloween spiders

Oct 05, 15 DIY decorations: Halloween spiders

Posted by in Table art

What do you need:  -Black Licorice Wheels -Tic-tac -Nutella for the eyes Happy Halloween,                         ...

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Lovely instants

Sep 02, 15 Lovely instants

Posted by in Life

A DIY spring floral headpiece (the post is coming up in the next days) Snowdrops, the most beautiful flowers of Spring    Ghioceii, cei mai frumosi vestitori ai primaverii My magnetic board full of memories Tabla mea magnetica plina cu amintiri A DIY with my child’s name “Andy Mathias” kisses,                                                     ...

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Wall art

Jan 21, 15 Wall art

Posted by in Shoes

 Hi! I found this wall on my trip to Tenerife and I couldn’t resist to take a picture because the artist was very good and make it a good job here, and I wanted this wall picture to remain in my memories of Tenerife. kisses,        ...

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